Beginning of Eye Issues

BEGINNING – It all started with my left eye expressing, mucous like substance, from the punctua…(tear duct) over a year ago in October 2010.

The eye and the tear drainage system...

When I speak of tear duct, puncta ... you will understand what area of the eye I am referring to!

It would swell (a little) and if I pressed the area under my tear duct where tears flow out of, it would leak that mucous substance, and it was ANNOYING! I’m sure it was filled with bacteria. At first, it didn’t hurt and I could carry on with my activities. I was able to work, but my eye was just a nuisance.  It seemed as if I had a mild infection always, just not normal.  From all that I read, I couldn’t be exactly sure what it was, since the eye didn’t have a tearing issue. I went to 7 different doctors of all levels (Family Doctor, Optician, Optometrist, to Ophthalmologist, Plastic Surgeon/Disease Specialist).  They poked, probed and gave me handfuls of eye drops.  The method that helped the most was warm compresses on my eyes, but it only helped the symptoms, it didn’t resolve the problem. I also experienced dry eyes on top of this, if you can believe, from my failed Lasik surgery from 2000!

I lived had just moved to PA and I was very recently unemployed, so my start with finding a doctor to treat this issue was rough.  I am very educated with the eyes, since having myopia since age 8, and Lasik 12 years ago, etc.  I have read an awful lot about the eyes and issues with them.


~ by bigbrowneyespt on February 21, 2012.

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