Final Diagnoses before Surgery…

In May 2011, I saw Dr. Hormozi (2X)  in Maryland.  He irrigated my eye to see if this would help the mucous break up and dissolve.

Let me explain what irrigating the tear duct is:

The doctor takes a long needle with a syringe full of saline solution that he threads into your eye until your tears expel out the other end of your ducts (usually the top tear duct will shoot out this liquid).  If it doesn’t it definitely means your tear duct is blocked.  This could mean a stone or others issue.  If it expels through the other duct in your eye… then it may or may not be blocked.  My tear duct irrigation was successful, so this means that there is a chance I might not need surgery.  The solution did come out the other end. Unfortunately, my left eye was still having mucous after this procedure was done, so in the end it wasn’t a success.

He did confirm that I had Dacryocystitis and advised that if the irrigation wasn’t able to fix this issue, then surgery was needed.

The issue was that since I was seeing doctors in Maryland, I didn’t have insurance there since I lived in PA.  The medical center that I belonged to advised you if you could see a specific eye doctor and if you needed a referral.  (GEESH< I REALLY HATE HAVING TO GET A REFERRAL FROM A PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR, especially if your doctor left the practice and you are left seeing someone NEW!)

Next, August 2011 –  I was to see a doctor from Family First, in PA, and a year later (after initial problem) she finally referred me to an Eye Specialist in PA.

This took place in August 2011.  I saw doctor P. on the 15th and was immediately seen as an emergency patient with Dr. David Bene on August 15th.

He took a stab at irrigating my tear ducts as well and this was unsuccessful.  He saw me 2x in August before recommending me for surgery with Dr. Brian Flowers, in York PA!   He also confirmed this was Dacryocystitis of the left eye, but only after listening to other doctors.   He was an ENT, not an Opthalmologist.


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