Previous Diagnosis

PREVIOUS DIAGNOSIS – I went to the Family Doctor first, and I was treated with allergy eye drops.  This of course did nothing.  I had allergies in the past and knew that the particular symptoms I was experiencing were not from allergies, or none that I had ever experienced.  I saw this doctor a few times and still no help.  I was frustrated, so even though I left MD and I had no insurance, I went back to MD and was seen by a few top of the line, specialists there. 🙂

January 2011 – I saw my Lasik Optometrist, O.D, from Katzen Eye Group in MD, and he gave me Keflex and Zylet infection drops and sent me off to see if this would work.  I was no stranger to him.  I had previous issues with blepharitis, dry eyes, myopia, etc. etc.

In March 2011 – I saw him this same Dr. again and he recommended I see his associate, who specializes in diseases of the eye and tear duct surgery.

In April 2011 – I saw the F.A.C.S, M.D at Katzen Eye Group in MD – and her diagnosis was Canaliculitis (Definition – Inflammation of a lacrimal canaliculus, most often the lower one. The patient presents with a red, irritated eye with ‘pouting’ of the punctum and a slight discharge, which can be expressed by compressing the canaliculus.)  The doctor suggested that I get DCR surgery, running roughly 2K.  Her bedside manner was awful, so my search was on for a caring doctor.

I would have went to Doctors in PA, but I was warned before moving here, that the level of care you get in PA, is not the same as MD.  Maryland has some of the best healthcare around.  Also, I was out of a job and my only access to medical care was a health clinic that is on a sliding scale.  I’m sure the doctors are good for the flu and other common ailments, but for an eye condition?


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