How do my eyes feel today?

Hello there!  I wanted to update everyone on my eyes and surgery results.  I am very uncomfortable with my eyes lately, and think it’s a direct link to Lasik refraction surgery I had 12 years ago and allergies!  My eyes are very dry and irritated.  I am on a prescription called Restasis.  It’s supposed to help you create your own tears.  It stings and you can’t wear contacts for 15 minutes until after you put the drops in.  It is very expensive ($300.00 US) if you don’t have insurance.  So far, I have been taking the samples only.I refuse to pay 20.00 for eye drops that sting.  I’m hoping the stinging will go away before I run out of samples.

The tear duct surgery — I’m starting to believe is a result from blephritis/allergies/and possible plugs being put in my eyes from dry eyes years ago-result of Lasik.  I still have a minimal amount of mucous in my puncta, but I believe it’s not due to any blockage.  Maybe inflammation.  Since having the surgery I can say I’ve developed terrible sinus allergies that I didn’t have prior to the surgery.  Since my tear duct replacement or DCR was endoscopic, I wonder if the stent in my nose created an allergic reaction OR if the new tear duct shut off some of my normal breathing, because now I have DRY MOUTH!  I’m having severe glare, halos, star-bursts and floaters (more in my surgery eye (LEFT) since after my surgery procedure.

I’m also starting to wonder how this will affect my life. 😦  Life, isn’t it fun?


~ by bigbrowneyespt on March 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “How do my eyes feel today?”

  1. Hey, awesome site, love the design. So sorry you’ve gone thru so much. What are you going to do now about your dry mouth?

    Take care,

  2. I am proud of you for sharing this information and educating others!

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