May 14th week, 2012 – Eye health – Severe DRY EYES

Here we are folks, the middle of spring and 8 months after my Endoscopic Tear Duct Surgery or DCR (w/stent).

I finally got approved for contact lenses and have been wearing Focus Toric, in my left (surgery eye) and another brand in my right eye.  The samples ran out and I was back in the Acuvue Oasys for only a few days when the contacts started sticking to my eyes, LIKE GLUE!  One night, I had so much trouble peeling it off, it must have scratched my eye.  If I haven’t had enough trouble already, I’m now, in pain with my left eye again and it’s red/irritated and screaming, NO CONTACTS!  Went to the eye doctor at Lenscrafters and they said it looked very irritated to use gel drops (PM REFRESH) and warm compresses.  It’s feeling better today, almost a week later. I’m still in my glasses, but now I’m frightened to put the contact back in.  I had Lasik to not wear contacts and it appears the laws of gravity are deciding otherwise, at least for now.

I’m going to go ahead and order the Focus Daily Torics for my left eye.  So far they were the most comfortable. I’m just going to have to be very careful taking them out.  Maybe I’ll apply some re=wetting drops before taking the contacts out again, when I decide to venture and put them back in.

The tear sac is fine. I’m able to cry, I’m able to wipe tears away… but unlike before, MY EYES feel dry.  They sting at times.

Good luck everyone and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  My doctor that did my surgery is in York PA, the doctor that saw me post follow-up was in Philadelphia.  I go to Lenscrafters for my contacts because they are convenient and local and I actually LIKE the doctors, they aren’t so egotistical and you don’t wait as long to see them.  True they don’t have the 8 years of education, but after being seen by some of the most egotistical doctors on the planet, … I’ve realized it’s sometimes not the degree.  It’s the level of experience, caring and concern! 🙂  Peace!!!


~ by bigbrowneyespt on May 16, 2012.

15 Responses to “May 14th week, 2012 – Eye health – Severe DRY EYES”

  1. hello, i have been reading your posts and i recently had DCR about a month ago. i was having dry eyes constant eye infections dry mouth etc. i was tested for sjrogens syndrome and all came back negative. after three years of infections my right eye started to constantly water and my tear duct became severly infected. i had found a specialist for this and she did my DCR surgery. my right eye was inflamed and my eye lid was very droopy before surgery due to the eye infection, but a month after surgery my eye is still droopy. is this something that is going to go away or do you think i will need reconstructive plastic surgery on the droopy eyelid? i am really nervous because its noticeable and looks similar to your picture that you posted. please help!

    • I had droopy eyelid too and since that time… I haven’t noticed it as much. It was worse when all the symptoms were happening.
      I hope your eye is doing better. Did you decide to have plastic surgery on it? One of the eye doctors suggested we talk about the droopy eye, after all the DCR stuff was dealt with. For now, I’m okay with the looks of it.

      If you need anything else, please let me know! Take care 🙂 Amanda

      • I think i want to have the plastic surgery on it .. But my dr wants to wait until my yearly exam in october to see what it looks like then. I already know it wont look any better which sucks. I just didnt want another surgery and to go through hell of healing all over again 😦

      • I hope everything turns out for the best for you. Are you regretting anything?

  2. Hi, so you had endoscopic DCR? I am needing to have this surgery after I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty (not just cosmetic – severe breathing issues). I am pretty unhappy – as one oculoplastic surgeon has said they can’t do endoscopic, but if they do it open I feel like I’ll have a scar and I really don’t want that. Plust I’m having a really hard time even finding surgeons who can do this, and I’m in Chicago which is a big city last time I checked…I will even travel…thanks for your info. I found you through another blog. Was the surgery difficult (and I’ve had open heart surgery so really, all is relative but I kind of still am unhappy).

    • Hey! Surgery wasnt that bad although i did cry because im a baby! Haha! But as far as the scar u can barley see it now and its beeen three months. Its not as bad as i thought it was going to be!

    • Hi there,

      Yes, I had the endoscopic DCR in Sept 2011. I’m sorry about your breathing issues 😦 That stinks.
      Why did the doctors say you needed a DCR?

      Mine was for constant mucous in one eye. I don’t have any issues with that eye now. I do have vision issues though since the surgery. I have floaters and glare. But I’m thinking maybe from the steroid drops used for all the possible infections they said I had leading up to the surgery. I don’t know. I’ve been tested for steroid induced glaucoma but they say I don’t have it. You never know.

      I was sore and puffy for a few days. I can send you more pics if you like. I am sorry I didn’t see this post before now.

      The stent in my nose was very uncomfy and I developed an allergic reaction to it. The worst part was … re-occuring sinus infections around the time of my wedding/honeymoon.

      So sorry you must go through all those surgeries. I couldn’t breathe right for a few months after the surgery. I hope that helps.

  3. Hey there! I recently had the same surgery about three months ago. The scar ad inside the scar/incision feel strange when i touch it. Is this normal? Also, my eye lid of the surgery eye is droopy and might need corrective plastic surgery to fix it if its not better in a dew months….. Did this happen to you? My last question im so scared the new tear duct is going to close up and ill have to go theough thia torture all over again… Was this something u had on your mind for a while after?

    • Hi Reva,

      I had the surgery through my nose, so there was never a visible scar. I had sinus infections though… I think I was allergic to the stent inside my nose. I think it would be normal for the incision to feel weird for a little while. Maybe you can use some kind of scar cream?

      My eye is not droopy, but I do notice sometimes it’s not as open as the other eye. I am not sure if this is vision related… but my vision did change after tear duct surgery and not for the better 😦

      Yes, I was scared the surgery wouldn’t be successful too. So far, so good.

      How are you doing now?

      All my best!


      • thats so weird i feel like my vision is changing. sometimes i think i see blue dots or blue flashes and the eye seems a little blurry sometimes. i thought it was in my head but maybe not. haha! so far everything has worked otherwise. my eye is still slightly droopy and i hate it! but i try not to think about it i dont think anyone notices. im glad im not the only one going through all of this though! this blog is full of people with the same concerns! phew! 🙂

  4. Hi everyone, I’ll be starting my own blog soon due to endoscopic DCR I had back in 2007. I’ve had multiple problems, the worst being severe dry eye. I have also noticed a droopy eyelid and it also seems closed more than the other eye (so since 2007, that problem hasn’t gone away). Please keep sharing your progress.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about that, Revo. I have glare as well and starbursts. I hate my eye issues too. The good thing is my tear duct seems to be better, but my eyes are awfully dry and it seems like the passage in my nose is smaller to breathe! So, I guess the question to ask when we get these kinds of surgeries is are the side effects worse then the issue.

    George, I definitely understand dry eyes as I have had them for a long time…and don’t wish it on anyone. I think a lot of these doctors are doing these surgeries without caring how the patient will deal with side effects. Why did you get the surgery to begin with? I’m starting to wonder if I really needed it and if it was just allergies… I never had the running watery eye, I had an inflamed tear duct, so when I pushed on the area around my tear duct, … mucous/pus would come out.. but I didn’t have sinus issues. I didn’t have the issues of severe halos and glare… I have severe vision problems only in the surgery eye now.

    But everyone keep sharing your stories. Maybe we can help someone out there that is debating getting this surgery.

    Take care and keep hoping and praying for better health!

    • do you think you will get the droopy eye lid fixed anytime soon? do you think its possible to go blind in the eye that is blurry?

  6. Hi everyone. I finally got my website online to warn about the dangers of DCR and inform about the safer DCR alternatives they don’t want you to know about. I had endoscopic DCR in 2007 and it’s caused multiple problems (dry eye being the worst) over the last 5 yrs. I discuss my procedure, what went wrong and how the medical community failed me. I advocate against DCR surgery and highly recommend you read my blog before deciding to have it:

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