Eyes , July 2012

Well, the only issue that seems to be lingering is the vision issue with my left eye since the DCR surgery.  I see lots of glare and floaters.  They say they can’t find anything but I’m still not so sure.

I got my new contacts a few weeks ago and they are good.  Very comfortable and help me to see pretty clear in the right eye.  Just wish I could lessen the glare and floaters in my left eye… vision just seems blurred no matter what!

It was always my worst eye, but not LIKE THIS!  Don’t know what happened during my surgery, but it makes me scared to go under… if you know what I mean!

Best of luck to all of you going through DCR or any other surgeries, or issues with the eyes.


~ by bigbrowneyespt on July 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “Eyes , July 2012”

  1. Hi bigbrowneyes. Was your eyelid drooping before you had the DCR? was it drooping more “after” the DCR? I notice eyelid drooping may be another side effect of DCR. Please see my blog: http://www.blockedtearductsurgeryadult.com/

    • Hi George. It drooped after DCR… This surgery was a living nightmare. I would never recommend my doctor to anyone. Thankfully, I haven’t had any repeat issues. I still have the dry eyes and glare issues.

  2. This is not spam, but just my own story and blog on this surgery… http://www.blockedtearductsurgeryadult.com My advice is NOT to go ahead with the surgery unless you’ve tried the much less-invasive techniques

  3. Update on my eyes: Dry eyes is in both eyes, but the glare is only in the left eye that I had endoscopic DCR in, so that really doesn’t set well with me… The glare is pretty bad. My eyes are not stable, every time I go to the eye doctors my prescription changes a little bit (again the left eye). It is better than it was (health of eye) and my contacts are feeling pretty good. I got the kind that you take out EVERY night. I never want another infection again. I haven’t really had any other issues and no sinusitis. I was definitely allergic to the stent in my eye. The pressures in my eyes are not alarming anymore.

    How is everyone doing? Anyone debating getting the surgery?

  4. What do you mean by floaters?

    • Floaters are lil amoeba like organisms that I see floating in my eyes, when I look at light. It only happens in the eye I had surgery in for tear duct surgery. My other eye is fine.

      It’s not in all lights, … usually bright lights or outdoors. It can be annoying, but it’s not soo soo bad at this moment.

      Thanks for asking 🙂

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