Eye Health after Endo DCR, 1 year and a half later…

Hello all, my eyes are doing okay after having DCR surgery 1.5 years ago… I continue to have glare in the left eye, along with floaters… However, I have no pus, no tearing, and no repeat infections. How are you doing? If you have any questions about endoscopic DCR surgery, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have been through a lot with this surgery, and have a lot of opinions on doctors, treatments, etc.


~ by bigbrowneyespt on March 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Eye Health after Endo DCR, 1 year and a half later…”

  1. Hello, I have just undergone dcr on Monday, I’m a bit worried about the tubing in my nose as I was able to see it before until this morning when I realised could no longer see it in my nose, is it normal for it to not be visible to the eye, I know it sounds stupid but I don’t want it to travel too far up so that it won’t be able to be retrieved back out again, please reply as soon as possible, this is the only site I’ve been able to find useful information from as the hospital has told me hardly anything 😦

    • I wasn’t able to see mine. I was allergic to it though and it gave me constant sinus infections. Imagine being on your honeymoon and this stent coming out. I had to put it back in while driving in a taxi, no bathrooms along the way with lighting! It came out around my eye and popped out of the tear duct, never visible through my nose.

      How are you doing now? Is the stent uncomfy?

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