2 years + later and after a job in computers! What now?

Well, my fears are setting in.  I started a job doing medical computer work and it involved a bit of detailed work.  In the interview I noticed that some of the lighting was dimmer than what I have seen, so I was excited.  Well, I started and they didn’t set up my computer for a week.  To my surprise, what was delivered a week after starting was 2 large monitors over 20″ each.  Also, I would have a nice desk under some bright florescents.  I would be working on both monitors daily and also looking at EOB’s (insurance paperwork, and calculating how much refunds, insurance companies get, etc. etc.)  Well, my eyes started to effect me.  Migraines, intense eye strain, dry eyes, glare issues…  I asked for a glare screen, but they weren’t able to provide one for me…  To make a long story short… I had to leave!  I WILL NOT HARM MY HEALTH, MY PRECIOUS EYES, anymore than they are already… There were other things, but it is not necessary to go into them.  I’m now wondering what is the next step.  Do I need my own business to be able to adjust the lights and glare, and tend to my dry eyes?  I feel very disabled. So, I left that job and I have been blessed with other opportunities, but so far, nothing permanent, nothing…in stone, but I HAVE HOPE and DREAMS and determination to help other people. I am going to start a biz on my own… slowly, that way I can adjust when I work, how long, pamper myself, at the same time…take care of others and give back to the community!

Hope you all have a blessed week! 🙂  Tip for the week… Systane ointment for dry eyes at night works amazing for the dry feeling! 🙂



~ by bigbrowneyespt on October 2, 2013.

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