Well, folks… I had the pleasure of visiting a very nice vision center for low sighted individuals for a volunteer project I was working on.  Just so happens that the polarized glare sunglasses I got there work great and they were only $9.00.  They can fit over regular glasses or you can wear them alone!  I have seen these in popular vision centers and they were 20.00++.  I’m finding that my SMARTPHONE really bothers my eyes and I am trying to be on it less.

If you are interested in seeing a picture of the glasses, let me know!  I also got a fun pair to be worn when I am in more fashionable environments.  GO POLARIZED SUNGLASSES. I’m hoping to get a yellow pair for night driving.

Take care all!!


~ by bigbrowneyespt on November 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Glare…”

  1. in August of 2013 I had surgery for a rare cancer named, adnoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal duct and cancerous nasal polyps. Still having problems with my nose and the stent that was put in from my eye draining in my nose. Every couple of monhs or so, I get nosebleeds that require me to go to the ER to have my nose packed. A couple of times I thought I was cleaning out my nose when I pulled on something that felt like a rubber band that is as thin as sewing thread. I tried to push it back into my nose and when I had pulled on it, I felt like I was pulling my eye out. Since that time, when I feel it in my nose, I try to push it up hoping it will go wherever it came from. The past year I have not felt it hanging in my nose, but I feel something is wrong because of the way my eye feels. Has anyone had this problem or something similar. I was 76 when I had this surgery and am now 79. It’s very scary and if you’re wondering why I don’t go to the doctor’s about it, My husband’s condition prevents me from going because I can’t leave him alone and I hae no one who could stay with him because of the care he needs. I am only hoping that if someone has or knows anyone who had something similar to please post and that may help. Searching and searching on my pc, I never came across anyone. The post I read about the loose stent is the closest I ever cam. Thank you all. Maria

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