Update on my eyes and glare! Nov 2015

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been out of commission! I moved 2500 miles and had some other big things to attend too!

My glare hasn’t gotten better, and I am still wearing the polarized sunglasses from 2 years ago and they seem to be doing a good job. I’m surprised, I haven’t lost them! I also have learned to work closer to home and forget highway driving at night!  My vision has decreased slightly, but still correctable in glasses or contacts.

I am getting a little of the tear duct irritation again, but I think it’s not that bad…   I certainly will not be going back for another surgery.  Something I am considering is heat applied to the lids of my eyes… it’s called LipiFlow.  This is a little summary of it:  “The LipiFlow® treatment is a twelve-minute, in office procedure using a device that comfortably heats and applies pressure to the eyelids to remove the obstruction of the oil producing glands. Preliminary studies demonstrate and average duration of symptom relief of 9 to 24 months.”  I’ll let you know if I get it and what happens with my eyes.

I am getting more headaches, but I think it’s do to an increase in computer devices. SO, now I not only have a laptop, but also a tablet and smartphone.  Someone must create a device that omits NO radiation or glare, don’t you think?

Hope everyone is doing well and if you want to reach out, please do so and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Much love,



~ by bigbrowneyespt on November 6, 2015.

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