May 14th week, 2012 – Eye health – Severe DRY EYES

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Here we are folks, the middle of spring and 8 months after my Endoscopic Tear Duct Surgery or DCR (w/stent).

I finally got approved for contact lenses and have been wearing Focus Toric, in my left (surgery eye) and another brand in my right eye.  The samples ran out and I was back in the Acuvue Oasys for only a few days when the contacts started sticking to my eyes, LIKE GLUE!  One night, I had so much trouble peeling it off, it must have scratched my eye.  If I haven’t had enough trouble already, I’m now, in pain with my left eye again and it’s red/irritated and screaming, NO CONTACTS!  Went to the eye doctor at Lenscrafters and they said it looked very irritated to use gel drops (PM REFRESH) and warm compresses.  It’s feeling better today, almost a week later. I’m still in my glasses, but now I’m frightened to put the contact back in.  I had Lasik to not wear contacts and it appears the laws of gravity are deciding otherwise, at least for now.

I’m going to go ahead and order the Focus Daily Torics for my left eye.  So far they were the most comfortable. I’m just going to have to be very careful taking them out.  Maybe I’ll apply some re=wetting drops before taking the contacts out again, when I decide to venture and put them back in.

The tear sac is fine. I’m able to cry, I’m able to wipe tears away… but unlike before, MY EYES feel dry.  They sting at times.

Good luck everyone and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  My doctor that did my surgery is in York PA, the doctor that saw me post follow-up was in Philadelphia.  I go to Lenscrafters for my contacts because they are convenient and local and I actually LIKE the doctors, they aren’t so egotistical and you don’t wait as long to see them.  True they don’t have the 8 years of education, but after being seen by some of the most egotistical doctors on the planet, … I’ve realized it’s sometimes not the degree.  It’s the level of experience, caring and concern! 🙂  Peace!!!

April’s news…

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Hello everyone concerned about the eyes!  I just wanted to check in and say that I am not experiencing any issues from DCR surgery at this moment.  I am not having much fluid come from my eyes, in fact they are constantly dry. I have recently gotten new glasses/contacts, from the post Lasik refraction issues, but everything with the health of my eye is normal/as normal can be for me.  (The sad fact is, I will always have post Lasik issues – glare, halos, light sensitivity, floaters, blepharitis, dry eyes, etc.)

Thanks for supporting my page and if you have ANY questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.


Many eye infections! Let’s look at the 4 month period AFTER surgery!

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Many times after my Endoscopic DCR surgery, for blocked tear duct, (inflamed in my case), I was blessed with a few eye and sinus infections.

I will show pictures, so you can see what it looked like!  You can’t always see what a sinus infection looks like other than I look like crap, but I will post some eye pictures.  So, if you are considering this surgery, please research your doctor carefully, before letting him put you under!  Make sure to get one with a great bedside manner.  You may be seeing him more than a few times and the appointments aren’t always pleasant.  Read my other posts.  My Ophthalmologist referred me to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor in my area to perform my Endoscopic DCR through my nose.

The week after my surgery, my face and eye area was swollen.  This is normal, but it still looked horrible to me! I was on heavy pain killers and on bed rest the next few days.  I had to watch for bloody nose, since my procedure was through the nose or endoscopic.

After Endoscopic DCR Surgery (1 day)

The week before my wedding… (3 weeks, after surgery)

Eye infection after Endoscopic DCR

You can see the bacterial infection, redness, and droopiness of my eye!

I got a 875 MG Amoxicillan for this one.

The day before MY WEDDING!  Look how my eye wouldn’t open!  It took me 6 months after the wedding, to be able to go back and post these pictures.  That is how UPSETTING it is to me.  How could the doctor OK surgery like this a month before my wedding. Makes me sick. I really don’t think some people have a heart.  He never diagnosed me with Dacryocystitis or a blocked tear duct.  He went off my other eye exams and word of mouth.  I asked him if the CAT scan showed any stone or blockage in my lacrimal sac/tear duct area and he said “NO”.

Day before my wedding, a month after DCR surgery

My wedding day!  You can see I was having issues with my eye!I was looking once more in the mirror, before walking down the aisle.

You can see my eye is straining/droopy

The week during my honeymoon in MX (with no doctor available)…

I had a sinus infection, but my tube did come out, when I was swimming with the Dolphins! My doctor never warned me of precautions to take with the tube, other than not pulling it out.

Eyes straining, after tube coming out and sinus infection

The week after my honeymoon, another infection, are you KIDDING ME?

Eye infection after DCR

And of course in January (as well as Nov, Dec), my stent/tube came out and gave me trouble.  I had a sinus infection, but my tube did come out, when I was swimming with the Dolphins! My doctor never warned me of precautions to take with the tube, other than not pulling it out. If you wonder what a stent/tube feels like, … hmm, just imagine something always tickling the inside of your nose and the outside of your eye.  After about a month you become immune to it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a FOWL odor from your nose from the mild infection that stays stagnant until you get the stent out!  You will feel like you did something to upset GOD after this ordeal.  Pleasant, ummm, NO!

Stent comes Loose!

Stent loose! Ut oh!

Just heard from the Doc

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I had blood work last week and it appears I do not have Sjogrens Syndrome for dry eyes and mouth…   This leads me to believe the dry eyes are definitely from Lasik and the dry mouth is still a mystery! But, I am not sure if the DCR Surgery was needed. Maybe after all, I just had irritated, dry, inflammed eyes — with allergies from everything else.  Unlike other people who have Dacryocystitis, I never had a problem with tearing and no stone was found! Ponder that!

Contact me if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!  Please take my information out and type yours in if using the form!

Stent loose in my eye!

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Stent comes Loose!

Stent loose! Ut oh!

How do my eyes feel today?

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Hello there!  I wanted to update everyone on my eyes and surgery results.  I am very uncomfortable with my eyes lately, and think it’s a direct link to Lasik refraction surgery I had 12 years ago and allergies!  My eyes are very dry and irritated.  I am on a prescription called Restasis.  It’s supposed to help you create your own tears.  It stings and you can’t wear contacts for 15 minutes until after you put the drops in.  It is very expensive ($300.00 US) if you don’t have insurance.  So far, I have been taking the samples only.I refuse to pay 20.00 for eye drops that sting.  I’m hoping the stinging will go away before I run out of samples.

The tear duct surgery — I’m starting to believe is a result from blephritis/allergies/and possible plugs being put in my eyes from dry eyes years ago-result of Lasik.  I still have a minimal amount of mucous in my puncta, but I believe it’s not due to any blockage.  Maybe inflammation.  Since having the surgery I can say I’ve developed terrible sinus allergies that I didn’t have prior to the surgery.  Since my tear duct replacement or DCR was endoscopic, I wonder if the stent in my nose created an allergic reaction OR if the new tear duct shut off some of my normal breathing, because now I have DRY MOUTH!  I’m having severe glare, halos, star-bursts and floaters (more in my surgery eye (LEFT) since after my surgery procedure.

I’m also starting to wonder how this will affect my life. 😦  Life, isn’t it fun?

After the stent out … 6 months, after surgery

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After the stent out … 6 months, after surgery.

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